Brandon buck

Founder / CEO / Facilitator

For 22 years, Brandon Buck has been helping people and companies maximize their potential. He has led numerous athletes to the professional ranks and colleges, facilitated transitions of small startups to major corporate players, increased the efficiency and productivity of large corporations, and helped individuals discover their purpose.

Brandon’s life is dedicated to elevating the character and performance of teams and individuals.

Current Leadership Coach for:


    • Universal Forest Products Industries
    • Nationwide Agribusiness
    • Ventive Software Development
    • RSCI Construction

Brandon is dedicated to transforming common sense into common practice, guiding individuals to gain the confidence required for leadership rather than mere management. He specializes in eliminating distractions, fostering productivity over busyness. His paramount focus is on helping people discern what truly matters and then cultivating the discipline needed to lead a purposeful life.

Brandon’s passion for leadership development traces back to his collegiate baseball experience at Purdue University. Post-graduation, he embarked on a career as a high school teacher and coach in Arizona. As the head coach of the baseball team, Brandon prioritized character development over the game itself, aiming to mold young boys into exemplary men, husbands, and fathers. This emphasis translated into numerous draft picks, collegiate athletes, state championships, and a nationally ranked program. Beyond the baseball field, Brandon established district-wide leadership programs for students, teachers, and administration, earning him recognition as a Teacher of the Year finalist for the state of Arizona in 2010.

Transitioning to professional leadership coaching, facilitation, and speaking in January 2016, Brandon has been instrumental in helping individuals enhance their lives and companies elevate their business and culture. With the founding of Infinite Strengths, he is on a mission to deliver an exceptional experience, ensuring that all clients fully realize their potential.

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