What the Greats Do

Ever notice that the greats are always learning, always reading, and always taking notes?   It doesn’t matter if they’ve heard or read the same thing 100’s times, they are consistently consuming the same great messages, seeking that edge. 

Meanwhile, many of us behave as if we’ve got this all figured out.  We stop reading, stop learning, and rarely take notes, because we’ve heard this stuff before.  But here’s the thing, we’ll never have life truly figured out, and as soon as you think you do, that’s when life is about to humble you quickly. 

Being Humbled

If you’ve played sports, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Once I started thinking like I had baseball figured out and slacked off my training, the game humbled me.  I usually went O for my next several at bats.  The game reminded me that I still had a lot to learn.

We will never master life or have leadership fully figured out.  So keep learning, keep growing, keep consuming the great things over and over again.  And you’ll find that being humble, is a lot more enjoyable than being humbled. 


Learn by Watching

I’ve been fortunate to sit next to, coach, watch from afar, and learn from tremendous leaders, coaches, teachers, CEO, and merely people.  I have found that everyone of them is constantly learning, growing, and pursuing excellence.  Each one of these tremendous leaders are always taking notes, they are always sitting in the front row and just consuming knowledge, wisdom and information that they have heard 100’s if not 1,000’s of times.  Everyone of them have heard the words responsibility, integrity, hard work and respect over and over again, yet they will take notes as if it’s the first time they’ve ever heard it.  It’s because, they can never hear these things enough, they can never master them. 


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Take Notes

What’s interesting is that the super majority of us stop taking notes.  We hear these same words and instead of diving into them, many of us think, ahh, I”ve heard this before.   Then check out.  When I hear this from people or when I hear that I know this stuff or I got a good grasp on this whole leadership thing, I know that there are issues.  I know that there are problems, because this leader thinks they have it all figured out. 

Never Stop Learning

Honesty, integtrity, responsibility, hard work perseverance, they aren’t like math, which once I’ve learned 2×2 is 4, I can forget about paying attention.  These values are never fully grasped, never fully mastered and as soon as you think you have them whipped, that’s when things will begin to fall apart.  That’s when excuses will creep in and you’ll start to play the victim. 

So never stop learning, never stop growing and keep pursuing excellence, no matter how many times you’ve heard it!