Maximize Coaching Impact

 Influence is the heart of coaching. Anyone can order someone to do a task, but in order to inspire someone to give their best, one must lead.

A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime (Billy Graham). With such an immense responsibility, Infinite Strengths is dedicated to developing coaches to positively inspire the heart of their athletes and become people their athletes will aspire to emulate. This is not revolutionary. Most coaches want to be this type of coach. So why is it that so few are? Coaches must first have an open mind to personal development and second, be willing to reflect upon their intentions for being a coach. Coaches must transition from placing performance as their primary focus to building relationships with players. It takes time and effort to develop relationships, but once a trusting bond is formed, players will give more effort than ever before, and improved performance is sure to follow. Coaches must constantly pursue excellence in developing themselves, thus creating an authentic leader that is worth imitating and following. As John Wooden says, “it is what we learn, when we thought we knew it all, that separates the good from the great.”

Throughout this program coaches will increase their emotional intelligence, authenticity, and communication among their staff and team. More importantly, people will discover the why behind their coaching. Participants will realize that one of their greatest gifts is using their skills to impact and empower the lives of everyone around them. They will learn how to create deep trusting relationships by being people of sound moral character on and off the field. When coaches learn how to care for the person, beyond their skill, they will truly become a successful leader.

Program will help coaches begin to recognize and control personal emotions, which leads to:

  • stronger internal motivation
  • reduced procrastination
  • increased self-confidence
  • improved ability to focus on goals and mission
  • a more positive attitude and happier outlook

Program will help coaches begin to discern the feelings and emotions of others, which leads to:

  • meeting the needs of the team
  • creation of an encouraging environment
  • higher performance and satisfaction
  • resolved conflicts
  • learning how to respond to situations and not react
  • stronger more fulfilling relationships

    This program includes:

    • Initial individual interview Interview and Personal Behavior Assessment
    • 5 leadership maximization sessions¬†
    • Individual coaching as needed