personal Maximization pROGRAM

What is your current self-belief? Do you have what it takes to be successful? Stop doubting yourself and start following your dreams!

Each of us is unique with a specialized set of gifts and talents that can positively impact people and our world. Those gifts and talents need to be uncovered and then maximized for anyone to reach their full potential. It all begins with raising self belief and developing a mindset that positive change is possible.

Leaders are responsible for paving the way and casting vision for their team. To be successful, leaders must build trusting relationships and develop their team’s talent. Infinite Strengths leadership programs are designed to build leaders’ confidence, empower them to live a purpose driven life, and lead in a way that inspires their team to follow with enthusiasm.

Personal Maximization Program

This program is a focused course customized to maximize potential in individuals. Emphasis is placed on strengthening leadership skills and thinking patterns to improve direction, purpose, efficiency, and overall execution. This is intended for individual leaders and small organizational teams (three or less leaders from the same organization). Leaders will emerge with a high self-belief and a clear vision on how to live and lead with purpose.

This program includes:

  • Initial individual interview
  • 8, 3-hour group leadership sessions
  • Individual coaching as needed