Step One: Interviews

We conduct introductory interviews to gain a wide understanding of the current realities of the leader’s work and home life. This stage will help to customize and maximize the program to best enhance results.

Step Two: The Program

Infinite Strengths Maximization Program includes eight, dynamic, group sessions customized to surface and address obstacles that are declining success. The group interaction provides an environment where leaders learn to teach and transfer new leadership behaviors back to the rest of their team. The program will have a direct impact upon a leader’s behavior both professionally and personally. 


  • Eight, three-hour, group, leadership sessions
  • Readings and assignments
  • Individual coaching as needed

Step Three: Grit

This phase is an optional but vital follow up to the Maximization Sessions. Long lasting positive change requires consistent attention and accountability. Periodic check-ins are essential for staying on track and refocusing on priorities.


  • Six follow-up sessions spanning a one year time period
  • Individualized coaching as needed throughout the year