Maximize My Organization

Organizational Maximization Program
Business Leadership Preservation
Company Strategic Planning

Purpose-driven leadership bonds business objectives, practices and processes with core values. When the entire team is dedicated to the same target, purpose-driven organizations are better able to acclimate to changing markets in order to stay healthy and competitive.


Organizational Maximization Program
Send teams through our Maximization Program. This is a similar format as our Leader Maximization Program but is customized to fit the exact intricacies, strengths and weaknesses of your organization. Emphasis is placed on leadership skills and thinking habits that will improve direction, purpose, efficiency, and overall execution of your organization. Your team will learn how to effectively lead themselves and how to get more engagement and effectiveness from their team members. Leaders will emerge with a high self-belief and a clear vision on how to live and lead with purpose.

This program includes:

  • Initial individual interviews
  • Organizational and individually customized program
  • Team leadership sessions scheduled to fit your organization’s needs
  • Organizational and individual coaching as needed

Business Leadership Grit Program
Ensure resilience in your organization’s effectiveness. This program is a vital follow up to the Maximization Program. Change takes consistent focus and accountability. Periodic check-ins are extremely important for living on purpose, straying on track and refocusing on priorities.

This program includes:

  • Six follow up sessions held throughout the year
  • Organizational coaching as needed throughout the year

Company Strategic Planning
This is a focused program designed to take your organization from its current reality to a place that exceeds your anticipated vision for the future. An organizational framework that includes vision, values, and goals will be developed as a guide for decision-making, prioritization of resources, and formation of future initiatives. This plan will guide and motivate your entire team toward a common and exciting company vision.

This program includes:

  • Planning sessions scheduled to fit your organization’s needs
  • Creation and clear purpose of company vision, values, focused goals, and measurements
  • Monthly follow-up sessions¬†
  • Organizational coaching as needed