Everyone Can Get Better

What’s your 1424?  When I first heard this question posed by Atlanta Braves mental performance coach, Zach Sorenson, I was confused.  What the heck is this guy asking? 

Then after pausing for a brief moment, Coach Sorenson went on to state that 14 min and 24 seconds is 1% of your day.  He challenged that if could just focus on getting better for 14 min and 24 seconds, every day, that that area of our life would drastically improve.  He wasn’t asking us to be productive all day, every day.  He wasn’t challenging us to go to the gym for hours, only eat khale for the rest of our lives, or read 100’s of books a year.  He just wanted us to figure out what better was and then work on this craft for 14 min and 24 seconds. 

Dedicate 1% of Your Day

So, I want to challenge you do to the same.  Pick an area of your life that you know needs to get better.  Maybe it’s your relationships, your faith, health, eating, drinking, finances, or your profession.  Then figure out what better is and then do it for 14 min and 24 seconds every day.  And I guarantee your life will start to change. 



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